Model "SLX" Landing Nipple

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The ESS-ELL Model "SLX" Landing Nipple is a Full Bore Landing Nipple that allows for the location of many Flow Control Devices, such as Blanking Plugs, Bottom Hole Chokes, etc.

The "SLX" has a locking groove which serves to allow for the internal locking of the flow control devices. The honed seal area provides a polished seal surface to pack off any flow control device. The unique locking groove profile allows for full selectivity in running flow control devices into the "SLX". Many "SLX" Landing NippIes can be run in the production tubing without any loss in operational flexibility.

There is a wide range of materials from which the "SLX" can be machined. The standard material is alloy steel which meets NACE MR 01-75 (1988 Editorial Revision) specifications for H2S service (hardness is 18-22 Rc).


1.900 2.167  2.375  2.875  3.500 
 48mm 55mm  60mm  73mm  89mm  
1.500  1.625  2.875  2.312  2.75  2.813 
38mm  41mm  47mm  58mm  69mm  71mm 


1.500 1.625 1.875 2.312 2.750 2.813
38mm 41mm 47mm 25mm 36mm 71mm
Length* 13.56 13.75 144 14.2 16.14
Min. O.D.** 2.12 2.34 2.71 3.23 4.25

* Length may vary depending on the type of thread used.
** Nipple OD may vary depending on the type of thread used.

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