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The Peak Extreme Hydraulic Setting Tool is used to hydraulically set a wide variety of tools where there is weight hanging below on tubing. This is important when hanging liners and other combinations of tools below the setting tool.
Total pressure or combination of pressure and tubing tension can be utilized to set the tool.

Top Connections can be cut to almost any thread combination. Drill pipe and premium threads are used frequently.

Setting Pressure is easily changed on location by service specialist to accommodate changing wellbore conditions.

The PDQ Hydraulic Setting Tool Permanent Bridge Plug combination can be run in conjunction or tandem with other equipment.


  • Operation simplicity
  • High pull strengths through tool allows liners to be hung below setting tool
  • Setting tool does not need a ball to actuate if run on a closed system
  • All setting components retrieved


Run the Peak Extreme HD Hydraulic Setting Tool and bottom hole assembly combination to setting depth. Depending on BHA, tubing can automatically fill as the tools are run in.

This setting tool does not require a ball to seat in the tool itself to actuate. As long as the system below is closed, the setting tool will see the differential pressure across the setting cylinders and setting process will begin.

However, a ball may be run in place or dropped. Once the ball is down, pressure up to the required pressure (specification chart page 5 - 6) to shear the setting tool pins. In low fluid wells the hydrostatic pressure of the column of fluid required to fill the tubing acts as a pressure setting force.

Hold pressure as required by the tool(s) you are setting and bleed off or shear a hydraulic tubing drain to equalize.

To disengage the setting tool from the bridge plug, apply a slight amount of tension and rotate the tubing approximately 10 - 12 turns to the right.

Examples of various tools that can be set with this tool would include Retrievable Seal Bore Packers, Hydraulic Set Liner Hangers, Permanent Packers, Composite Bridge Plugs, any Baker 10 and 20 uses, etc.

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