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The Peak Sand Pump offers a rapid and cost effective method to clean out sand and debris from the wellbore without loading the hole and circulating.


  • Eliminates the damaging effects of circulation
  • Thorough and lasting clean out-out
  • No circulation fluids are required
  • Fail-safe operation and designNo need for expensive coiled tubing unitsEliminates expensive bottom hole pump changes


The tool assembly is run in on existing tubing until it reaches the fill point. Reciprocation (5’ stroke) of the pump assembly draws fluid and sand in through the bottom trap valves and up into the tubing chamber. The sand and debris collects in the cavity pipe above the trap valves, while the fluid goes through the pump assembly and is discharged into the annulus. Once the pump has drawn all of the sand up into the cavity pipe, and the tool assembly is at bottom, the debris-loaded tool is pulled to the surface and unloaded.

The pump rod is a hexagonal Kelly, which allows normal rotation of the entire tubing siting if required to mill or fish tools. The size and weight of the tubing used and the cavity pipe may be varied to apply to the amount of sand in the hole and desired operations.


  1. FLUID LEVEL: Must be maintained above the pump assembly for efficient operation.
  2. TUBING DRAIN: Drains tubing while tripping out.
  3. CHECK VALVE: Flapper or ball design with the function to maintain fill in tubing.
  4. KELLY: Provides the transmission of torque from the tubing string to the bit.
  5. PUMP ASSEMBLY: Reciprocation of the pump assembly pumps fluid and fill through the assembly and on up to surface.
  6. ANCHOR: Maintains position of pump assembly.
  7. CHECK VALVE: As per item 3.
  8. TAIL JOINTS: To maintain the pump assembly in the vertical section.
  9. CHECK VALVE: As per item 3.
  10. PUP JOINT: Space out check valves.
  11. CHECK VALVE: As per item 3.
  12. BIT: Different bit types available dependent upon fill to be encountered.
  13. FILL: Completion or maintenance sand, surplus frac-sand or debris where well cannot be circulated.

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