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The X-Carbon Series ball is a hybrid design, utilizing advanced lightweight, random carbon-fiber infused phenolic resin to optimize weight and strength. The X-Carbon Series will maintain high pressure performance across a full range of sizes. The X-Carbon Series is available in 1/16” increments from 0.875” to 4.500” and has a specific gravity range of 1.75, the X-Carbon Series has breaking pressures in excess of 10 ksi throughout the size range depending on engagement and frac sleeve selection. Unlike layered composite ball technologies, the random orientation of fibers molded into the phenolic resin reduces the risk of cracking or shearing along a plane.


ASM US Standard Metric
Size Range 0.875 - 4.500 in 22.23 - 114.3mm
Temp Rating 375 °F 190 °C
SG 1.75

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