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The APEX™, an all composite fracture isolation plug, is a patent pending pump down frac plug that is capable of performing in the most challenging well bore environments. APEX™ has the ability to be set using conventional wireline methods with Baker, Owen Compact and Disposable Setting Tools.

Its novel design allows it to be the smallest overall size and volume of any composite product on the market with both the 4.5”, 5.5” and 6.0" APEX™ composites weighing less than 5 pounds each. Compared to conventional composite plug technologies, operators are able to reduce their drill out debris by up to 75% and eliminate heavy metal cuttings from being left downhole. 

The APEX™ tool isolates the stage above it by using a frac ball that lands on the large inner bore and provides a full 10,000 psi differential rating between stages at up to 350 degF. The large ID of the ball drop plug also provides a cleaner ball seat signature by eliminating ball seat masking that is seen with pressure drops caused by small ID mandrels.


  • Compact size provides easy installation and minimizes total material
  • Anti-preset setting equipment prevents plug from setting while running in the hole
  • Allows flowback from below the plug through Large ID compared to standard frac plugs
  • Drill out times of 5 minutes or less
  • Less than 10” Overall Length in set position
  • 500+% more flow area through large ID than comparable composite frac plugs
  • Large Inner Diameters help to aid in cleanup of screen outs
  • Better Ball Action during frac jobs due to reduction of pressure drop through ID when displacing frac ball to seat
  • Peak’s Most Economical Design
  • Bulk Delivery Discounts Available


5 ½”

4 ½"13.05"11.6-13.5#2.00"3.625"2.375"10K psi / 350° FBaker #10
5 ½"13.30"20.0-23.0#2.75"4.375"3.125"10K psi / 350° FBaker #20 / 3½" GO / Disposable Setting Tool
5 ½"14.05"17-20#2.50"4.5"3.125"10k psi / 350º F
6"13.30"23.0-26.0#2.75"4.880"3.125"10K psi / 350° FBaker #20 / 3½” GO / Disposable Setting Tool