Kronos™ Ball-in-Place

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The Kronos™ Ball-in-Place dissolvable isolation tool is a revolutionary pump-down baffle that dissolves in low temperature, low salinity, even fresh water wellbore environments. Like the plug and perf method, it is placed in the casing string using a conventional Baker or Go Shorty Hydraulic Setting Tool on wireline. This patent-pending tool is the latest technology developed by Peak Completion Technologies, Inc.

The Kronos™ Ball-in-Place isolates the stage above it by using a unique bottom set, ball-in-place technology allowing for the benefits of running a bottom set plug technology coupled with a ball in place isolation. Once the Kronos™ Ball-in-Place is introduced to wellbore fluid, both components begin to degrade. After a successful zonal isolation the result is a full ID unrestricted wellbore eliminating remediation and allowing immediate production.

The Kronos™ tool is formulated using the same dissolvable technology derived from Peak's successful Fantom™ line, resulting in repeatable consistent degradation backed up by years of proven run history.


  • Engineered blends suited for degradation in all temperature ranges
  • Dissolution with no salinity or fluid circulation required
  • Full 10,000 psi bottom-hole differential pressure between stages
  • Eliminates the need for wellbore remediation after installation
  • Isolates the stage above with unique ball in place design
  • Conventional wireline deployment
  • Saves fluid with no need for additional ball pump down stage


  • Simplistic three piece design
  • High strength compact construction
  • Tool body and elastomer dissolve at the same rate
  • Integrated mechanical anti-preset design
  • Minimal material composition







2051-45C-A00 4-1/2” 11.6# 3.656” 1.000” 10,000 psi
2051-45D-A00 4-1/2” 13.5# 3.603” 1.000” 10,000 psi
2051-45E-A00 4-1/2” 15.1# 3.517” 1.000” 10,000 psi
2051-55B-A00 5-1/2” 17# 4.500” 1.500” 10,000 psi
2051-55C-A00 5-1/2” 20# 4.375” 1.500” 10,000 psi
2051-55D-A00 5-1/2” 23# 4.293” 1.500” 10,000 psi
2051-55E-A00 5-1/2” 26# 4.181” 1.500” 10,000 psi
2051-60D-A00 6" 24.2# 4.750" 1.500" 10,000 psi