D Fluid Control Valve

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PRODUCT 10-134

The D Fluid Control Valve is a pressure actuated valve used to provide surface control over fluid injected into wells with low reservoir pressures by supporting the hydrostatic head in the tubing. The valve may be run in place in the tubing, on wireline, or can be dropped from the surface. The Fluid Control Valve Landing Nipple (Product 10-038) must be run as part of the tubing string.

This valve is usually used in conjunction with the SST or Straddle Packers to provide control of fluid volumes pumped with each setting when selectively acidizing low fluid level wells.

The D Fluid Control Valve operates using Differential Pressures and is not dependent on well depth. This type of valve is much better suited for deep wells than a hydrostatically operated Fluid Control Valve.

The D Fluid Control Valve utilizes specially designed chemical and wear resistant seals to ensure problem-free operation. An extended filter tube is run on this valve to ensure debris cannot get into the valve during pumping operations.

The valve may be dropped from surface, or run and pulled on wireline.


in mm in mm in mm in mm in mm
2 50.8 1.750 44.5 1.875 47.6 1.375 34.9 2" Camco JDC 2" Ortis RB