P598 ASI-XW Packer MX Wireline Adapter Kit

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The P598 ASI-XW Packer P.I.P. Wireline Adapter Kit is used on a  #10 or #20 Wireline Setting Device. The “Plug-In-Place” design allows the running of a T-F profile blanking plug to be run in place converting the packer to a temporary bridge plug. The ASI-XW MX Adapter Kit can also be run with T-X and T-XN blanking plugs, but the prong must be shortened to accommodate the inner adapter spacing. Extended length adapter kits are available for the T-X and T-XN blanking plugs, but the shortened prong ti the preferred method creating a shorter packer assembly.


  • Allows “plug-in-place” running
  • Accepts common blanking plug types and sizes
  • Uses common redress parts
  • Plug in top of packer reduces debris build up
  • Eliminates running profile nipple or pump-out plug below packer
  • Can be used with #10 or #20 hydraulic setting device


in mm in mm
4.5 114.3 3.750 95.25  T598-45A-000
5 127 3.750 95.25 T598-45A-000
5.5x2.38 139.7x60.3 4.500 114.3  T598-55A-000
5.5x2.38 139.7x73 4.500 114.3  T598-56A-000
7x2.38 177.8x60.3 4.500 114.3  T598-55A-000
7x2.38 177.8x73 4.500 114.3  T598-56A-000
7.63x2.88 193x73 4.500 114.3  T598-56A-000
7x3 177.8x88.9 5.500 139.7  T598-73A-000