Peak-Pak Retrievable Seal Bore Packer

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The Peak-Pak Retrievable Seal bore Packer delivers high performance utilizing simplicity of design. Having a 10,000 psi standard pressure rating, the Peak-Pak RSB packer is available in all casing sizes, opening up numerous economical options for the operator. The Peak-Pak RSB is set on wireline or tubing and can be easily retrieved.

The Peak-Pak RSB is designed with the industry’s best, Ecner Array packing element. This packing element, available in a wide variety of material options, will handle any completion configuration, from gravel pack applications to the deep, high pressure completions.


  • Electric line set, hydraulic set or mechanical set
  • Components keyed for milling
  • Ecner Array element superior element system
  • Designed to accept competitive seal bore accessories
  • Easily retrievable
  • Sets in a wide range of casing ID
  • Short design for deviated wellbores