Liner Wiper Plug

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The Peak Completions’ Liner Wiper Plug is shear-pinned to the bottom of the running tool, and provides a seal and seal bore for the Wiper Dart. Liner Wiper Plug is designed with hollow interior to pass cement and fluids. It prevents the back-flow of cement when latched in landing collar.


  • Easily drilled out
  • Comes in Nitrile Rubber


ASM 3806-45-A00 IMPERIAL


4 ½ in 114.3 mm
Length  17.73 in 45.03 cm
Rubber OD 4.125 in 104.78 mm
Top Connection OD 3.202 in 81.33 mm
ID 1.70 in 43.18 mm
Metallurgy Aluminum Aluminum
Burst 6,533 psi 45.0 MPa
Collapse 6,046 psi 41.7 MPa
Pull strength thru tool 100,309 lbs 446,196 daN

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