Sentinel™ Top Packer

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The Sentinel™ Rotational Liner Top Packer is a high-performance Liner Top Isolation using a floating UPBR with an ECNER high-pressure packing element.  The Sentinel™ RLTP is a rotational liner top option for either vertical, low deviation, mid-length, or extended reach lateral wellbores.  The Sentinel™ RLTP is used in conjunction with the Sentinel Hanger and is applicable in cemented and non-cemented liners.


  • Dual Anti-preset feature
  • Applicable with Peak Hydraulic Release Rotational Running Tool
  • Mechanically set packer utilizing ECNER high pressure packing element
  • Solid upper seal bore is available in 10’, 15’ and 20’ standard lengths
  • The Liner Top Packer can be stomp set after the cement job
  •   Upper seal bore allows for floated sealing for frac, accommodating all ball sizes normally dropped down tubing.

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