MRRT [Non-Rotational]

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A premium High Torque Mechanical Release Non-Rotational Running tool utilized for the latest Peak Sentinel Liner Hanger/Packers in non-cemented applications, this tool incorporates many features to ensure reliability of the setting sequence.  The primary mechanical Right Hand Release thread serves as the only releasing option.


  • High Torque Extension Mandrel
  • Utilizes reliable cup seal assembly
  • Adjustable Setting Shear for maximum flexibility
  • Collet Stomp Tool with Packer
  • Integral ball seat adapter
  • Primary Mechanical release with right hand rotation and retains ability to compression set liner top element after release
  • Full drain feature allows drill string to be pulled without being wet
  •   Floating Debris Sleeve

**For technical specifications, please contact your local Peak rep or e-mail: