Torque-Lock Running Tool [Rotational]

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A premium Torque-Lock Running Ttool utilized for the latest Peak Sentinel Liner Hanger/Packers, for cemented application, this tool incorporates many features to ensure reliability of the setting sequence.  With rotational ability limited only by the liner threads and drill pipe limitations, this running tool coupled with the Sentinel product line offers full rotational ability to walk over ledges or break static friction scenarios that may be encountered in today‚Äôs challenging environments.  The tool also has a secondary left-hand mechanical release.


  • High Torque Extension Mandrel
  • Collet Stomp Tool
  • Solid Debris Sleeve
  • Adjustable Setting Shear for maximum flexibility
  • Cement Bushing Assembly
  •   Secondary Mechanical Release
  • Full drain allows drill string to be pulled without being wet

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